Welcome to Steel City Paranormal. Professional ghost hunters.

Welcome to Steel City Paranormal. Professional ghost hunters.Welcome to Steel City Paranormal. Professional ghost hunters.Welcome to Steel City Paranormal. Professional ghost hunters.

About Us

Our primary goal is to help people in need. With over 25 years of paranormal research experience, our team of specialized investigators can help find the answers. If you're experiencing spirit activity in your home, place of business or would like to try and communicate with a loved one, we may be able to help. 

Along with our Psychic Medium/healer and Historical Researcher from McMaster University , we offer the perfect blend of science and spirituality to respectfully bring light to the darkness and truth to the unknown. 



I was thrilled to do a podcast with Chris Mancuso.

More will follow in the coming months. 

Hope you enjoy. 

News and Updates

Book release

I'm very proud to announce the official book release from my friend Dr. David J. Clarke titled "The war of 1812, A Ghostly Gazeteer".
I was humbled to be asked by David to work as a Paranormal consultant for the chapter on Nelles Manor in Grimsby Ontario in which Steel City Paranormal has investigated twice.
If you're a fan of History and have a curiosity for the Paranormal, this book is definitely for you. Follow the link below to purchase your own personal copy.


We are based out of Hamilton and service the greater southwestern Ontario region.

The following is an outline including labour, materials and equipment.

- Meeting with client and walkthrough of location

- Pre-investigation research of the location (history of property, land development records,    census/death records etc.)

- (4) Investigators

- (1) Historical researcher - McMaster University

- (1) Psychic Medium/Healer

- Props and trigger objects

- Infrared/night vision and full spectrum video cameras

- Full spectrum digital photography camera

- Digital voice recorders

- Ovilus 5 (ITC device - instrumental trans communication device)

- EMF detectors (K2 Meter, MEL Meter, sensor pods) 

- SB7 Spirit Box

- FLIR  (thermal imaging camera)

- Parabolic dish

- Proximity sensor for trigger objects

- Post meeting with client to review evidence (media stick provided with audio/video evidence)

Price is subject to change and is flexible according to size of location, length of investigation, additional investigators, materials and equipment required.

As a team, we are committed to providing you with a professional and respectful paranormal investigation.




Mike and Debbie

Hamilton, Ontario

Robert We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for the excellent investigation you all performed at our residence. Your attention to detail prior to, during and followup is 2nd to none.  Your professionalism and the great respect you have for the spirit world impressed us the most. You were able to debunk some of the events that occurred but at the same time   proved to us that we do have paranormal events happening within our home thanks to your attention to detail.  You should be proud of your crew and all the sophisticated equipment that accompanies you to all your investigations. We would not hesitate to invite you back if and when its required.  Your Truly  Mike and Debbie.




Sean and Amber

Hamilton Ontario

My wife and I wanted to say how much we appreciated your services Rob. We can't thank you enough for helping us know we were right that we had something with highly negative energy in the house. Now that Mr. Sinister, as you called him, was captured clearly on audio and we had help clearing and blessing our home, things are finally lighter. If not for your help providing the evidence to show we weren't crazy, things may have continued to escalate. One other thing to thank you for - having the Spirit Box make it possible to hear my grandmother calling out my name and confirming it was her means so much. Let's me know she approved of you and was trying to watch over us the whole time. Thank you so much for all you have done.

Thanks again,

Sean and Amber



We were thrilled to have Robert and his team of investigators do an overnight at our Heritage House Museum this past summer. Over the last century, there have been numerous accounts of paranormal activity at our location; especially audio and apparitions, and we were eager have the Steelcity Team either prove or disprove some of the stories that have built up over the years. Steelcity Paranormal came highly recommended from a co-worker at another Hamilton-area Historic Site. The Investigative Team was incredibly professional and careful, especially around our artifacts and antiques. Their technical equipment, cameras, etc. were fascinating, and it was clear from the beginning they were the right team for our large heritage house. The follow-up lasted 3 hours, with Robert helping our volunteers understand more about paranormal activity as we went over all the evidence. Suffice to say, the stories in our file of evidence now have some solid scientific proof; Steelcity gathered some incredible audio and visual evidence for us, and we look forward to having them back again soon for another investigation.  We also want to thank Robert for being a part of our annual 'Ghost Tour' event, he did an amazing job educating our visitors about the paranormal, and how exactly paranormal investigations work. Sneaking a peek at each group, I could see the light bulbs go off, and hear the exclamations of folks finally understanding that just because 'we' can't see or hear them, ghosts and their energy, are all around us!

- Meg Grimsmo, Nelles Manor Museum, Grimsby, ON

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Ghost Stop / Paranormal equipment


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Steel City Paranormal

I assembled this team for the main purpose of helping people in need of answers. Whether the spirit activity is positive or negative, a lack of knowledge on the subject can be terrifying. One of my main goals is to educate my clients to the true version of the paranormal and not the negative version that's been portrayed by Hollywood and Reality tv shows. It's human nature to be afraid of things we don't understand but with a little help and guidance, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. I promise to do my best to walk you through the darkness and into the light of peacefulness and understanding. Robert Bourque 🕉✌☯️

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